Lanscaping Ballarat Client Testimonials

I just wanted to say thanks for coming out yesterday to view and discuss the plants that you require for the job in Ballarat.

As you can now appreciate it’s so important to make the trip out so that you can see 1st hand what’s available and how you can use it. With the few hours we spent together looking at plants and discussing plants I think what you have proposed and the way you have used the natural colours is nothing short of fabulous. You are to be commended on the preplanning that you have done on this job. A lot of landscape designers come out here without a clue and draw me a map on the ground with a stick.

It amazing how many landscapers just order over the phone and won’t make the trip out to see us. So, thanks again for going to this trouble. I know it’s a lot of travel and time but it’s worth it.

David LaBatlus, National Sales Manager, Paradisia Nurseries

I am enjoying having a tidy, attractive garden again. Will discuss roses/irrigation etc on my return.

Gillian Canavan, Ligar Street

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and hard work for the works done at both displays in Waterford Drive, Macarthur Park. We wish you well for the future.

Tracey Castensen, Accounts Manager, Davis Sanders Homes

Your work is exceptional! My husband said when he came home and saw the garden,  ‘You’ve got onto a sensational one this time.

Denise Wilke, Lake Wendouree

I just wanted to tell you we got the best blooms of roses you have ever seen!  They are FANTASTIC!! They are Pierre de Ronsard so just wanted to ring, both walls in front are just coming into full bloom, fantastic! Thanks again for all you and Jo did on pruning. If you’re passing just stick your head in and have a look. Thanks again for everything.

Quentin Wilkinson, Lake Gardens

The garden is looking fantastic. With thanks, Terry

Terry Lloyd Mill St, Ballarat

I commend Jo she’s done a really wonderful job (on the Muehlenbekia hedge)

Kevin Riddell, Beckworth Court

Thanks Murray.  Great work!

Jennifer Kelly, JK Personnel

Absolutely brilliant! It was like the army! If we could have more of that would be way to go.

Kevin Riddell, Beckworth Court

Many thanks for your cheerfulness and skill. It is much appreciated.

Marjorie Sargeant, Webster Street

Yes, the guys have done an excellent job. They are really quite slick about it. You’ve got some good workers there. They’ve all been lovely. That Ian’s a lovely guy isn’t he? He was here last year and it’s good to see him out here again.

Fiona Anderson, Miner’s Rest

Looked so lovely they all went outside to play tennis. The pond and adjacent area looks like a whole new area.

Trudy Kannourakis, Wendouree Parade

This is the best the gardens have ever looked

Dr George Kannourakis, Wendouree Parade

I just can’t believe that garden looks so good. This bay window where I am now, I look out through a rhododendron and see the garden its just beautiful. I couldn’t wish for anything better. In fact people stop across the street to look at it. I’ve even been stopped in the supermarket by a friend who said ‘isn’t your garden looking fantastic’. I’d recommend you. Its just lovely looking out on it. It’s given me a lot of pleasure already. I’m just so grateful.

Carmel Maloney, Black Hill

Hi Murray & Pat. What a great job you have done. The stone wall is a real feature, Pat. The selection of shrubs and plants all complement the area. Many people have admired your creative touch. Thank you for restoring a garden so comprehensively destroyed it will be a pleasure to care for.

Carmel Maloney, Black Hill

“I have been reading you column for years. Its helped me with roses you’ve been a saviour for our roses. I kept the articles and cut them out so I can refresh my mind. Your tips have been very useful. Thanks Murray!

Noleen Troughton

It’s Elizabeth Van der Knijife from Lake Gardens and I just wanted to thank Murray for the wonderful job the boys did in the gardens with the weeding and the mulching. It was a couple of days ago I’m sorry I’ve been a bit slow in ringing but it’s greatly admired and very much appreciated. So thanks very much.

Elizabeth Van Der – Knifije, Lake Gardens

You’ve done a great job (Pat).  You must be really fit.

Anna Canny

We love your gardening notes. They’re very good!

David & Shirley Stabb

He’s (Ian) done a good job he pruned up all underneath the lemon and taken a lot off the top. It looks really good now. Yes, I am very happy with it (the job).  He’s such a nice polite boy I was very happy with him. He can come and live with me anytime he likes. He’s very thoughtful too which is uncommon in the young ones these days!

Mrs Mee

Hi Murray, Mandy Carroll here. Hope everybody’s well. Just wanted to first of all say thanks to Pat for the wonderful removal of the apple tree. He actually left the remaining branch and it looks terrific so we’ve got a memento of the past. I wanted to see if we could get some water on the main trees not the smaller trees and shrubs over the next day or so. Many thanks Murray.

Mandy Carrol