Garden Walls and Stonework in Ballarat

The team at Top Hedge Landscaping Design in Ballarat can help you with the design and construction of the perfect wall or stonework feature for your garden for domestic, commercial or industrial sites. Garden walls can create a division in your garden, can reduce traffic or residential noise, can hide the less attractive parts of your garden like wheelie bins and clothes lines or can simply create privacy. They can either be completely functional and blend into the garden landscape or more of a feature made of stone, bricks or timber that adds a visual enhancement to your garden.

Stonework paths or walls are timeless and work brilliantly in a cottage or country style garden but can really enhance any garden at all. Stonework looks completely natural and adds character and charm to any garden. It can be used as a hard-wearing edging for the garden, a whimsical winding path or as a large or small patio area. As stonework requires both craftmanship and creativity the team at Top Hedge Landscaping are happy to help you with the design and construction of your stonework feature.

If paving or decking is more your cup of tea we can help you with that too, or to throw some light on your glorious garden day or night we have some innovative lighting solutions, if your garden needs a general spruce up or ongoing maintenance we can help you with gardening or it may need a complete overhaul with landscape design.

Contact us via email or phone Murray on 0414 932 183. Meet the team of landscapers and horticulturists at Top Hedge.

We are proud of the association with our suppliers as it means we have the best products to use in your garden.