Decks and Paving in Ballarat

maree_Boyle_Deck_ExtensionTop Hedge Landscaping in Ballarat have some great creative ideas for decks and paving to enhance your garden. There’s nothing better than sitting out on a deck or paved area and looking out over your beautifully landscaped garden. Our team is passionate about creating perfect gardens and for our clients. We can take care of the design and construction of a deck or paving area to enhance your garden and help you enjoy your garden landscape.

Tips for Paving at Your Place

  • Choose good quality pavers that suit your home
  • Spend time preparing the base. For foot traffic you’ll need 100mm of compacted roadbase. Ensure there’s sufficient fall away from your house and use stringlines to get your levels right.
  • Spread a layer of 25 to 35 mm of washed sand over your compacted base and screed it level using rails. Lay your pavers carefully. Use string lines to keep joins nice and neat.
  • Lock the pavers in place with a solid haunch and sweep sand or grout into the joins.

If you would rather have your garden paving done by proffesionals the team at Top Hedge are happy to help. Or take a look at our garden walls and stonework page to get inspiration and create some extra features in your garden.

Once you have the perfect paving or deck in your garden you may want to consider garden lighting to bring it all to life when the sun sets. Or once sitting down on your new deck or paved area you may notice that your garden needs some gardening maintenance or a complete new landscape design .

Contact us via email or phone Murray on 0414 932 183 and one of the dedicated team at Top Hedge can help you get your garden looking glorious.