Landscaping and Landscape Design Ballarat

The team at Top Hedge Landscaping in Ballarat are passionate about landscaping and landscape design for domestic, commercial and industrial gardens. We can design a landscape plan that will make the most of your outdoor area and creates visual pleasure that suits your lifestyle, complements your home and gives you your own urban refuge. We love creating practical solutions to help your garden survive and thrive during the water restrictions and beyond and if you have your own ideas we are more than happy to follow your lead and create the garden of your own imagination and design.

Cast your eye over your garden and see if you spot any problem areas. The Top Hedge team get excited and inspired by the challenge of creating landscape designs to make the most of your garden landscape. Lighting can highlight certain features and add a splash of colour and excitement at night, Decks and Paving can create a beautiful walkway or a great place to sit back and reflect or socialise in your garden, Walls and Stonework can add a whimsical element or create inspiring borders and features.

We are more than happy to help you with any of these landscape gardening solutions, gardening and garden maintenance or we can give you a consultation and design a complete new garden for domestic, commercial or industrial gardens.

Our friendly, professional team of garden guys and girls are passionate about helping you achieve your garden goal. Our team is such a tremendous group of people who can offer you the finest landscaping service around.

Contact us via email or phone Murray on 0414 932 183.

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Decks and Paving

Top Hedge Landscaping in Ballarat have some great creative ideas for decks and paving to enhance your garden. There’s nothing better than sitting out on a deck or paved area and looking out over your beautifully landscaped garden. Our team is passionate about creating perfect gardens and for our clients. We can take care of...
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Walls and Stonework

The team at Top Hedge Landscaping Design in Ballarat can help you with the design and construction of the perfect wall or stonework feature for your garden for domestic, commercial or industrial sites. Garden walls can create a division in your garden, can reduce traffic or residential noise, can hide the less attractive parts of...
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At Top Hedge Landscaping in Ballarat our team can use lighting to bring colour and ambience and make the most of your garden day and night. Lighting in gardens have come a long way since the flood light hooked to the wall above your barbecue. We now have a range of garden lighting solutions that...
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